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LDC Luxury Dry Cleaning

LDC Luxury Dry Cleaning is a completely new concept, one not seen before here in Australia.

Our aim is to take care of an element of planning overlooked in a lot of weddings especially with destination weddings.

Not naming names (family) we have seen wedding gowns thrown over the back seats of small cars packed to the brim with all the paraphernalia needed for a destination wedding..

Grooms arriving with brand new shirts that haven't been washed before wearing and ironed (not well) with accommodation irons.

Panicked dads with blood on the collar of his shirt because he cut himself shaving and no one to call for advice on how to fix the problem.

Bridesmaid who pack the dresses into their suitcases only to arrive and realised the steam from the shower does not remove creases as easily as thought

Overseas weddings where gowns are thrown over arms and carried through customs, tossed into overhead baggage compartments, expecting the hotel can take care of it when your arrive only to find out they don't have the facilities.

A simple phone call, or an appointment and glass of champagne in our salon and everything will be taken care of.

Pick up (Sydney and metro area, Hunter Valley, Newcastle) of all wedding attire, from the Gown, to all the wedding party or maybe just the boys suits ( one less worry)

Delivery to your destination wedding Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Port Stevens, where everything will be

hung and awaiting your arrival ready for photos and wearing

White bags will be supplied for you to store the attire in following the event, we will then pick up all the garments,.

The let LDC Luxury Dry Cleaning take care of your garments with white gown service, clean, preserve, deliver or store your precious memory's.

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